about us:

Ava Kelly - Windows

I started Good Done Well after years of working with nonprofits on digital marketing campaigns. I realized that executive directors are incredible, inspiring, and exhausted. I realized that for every nonprofit I worked with, there were thousands of people who didn’t know about their work, but should. And I realized that if these organizations could develop a voice of influence that speaks to those thousands of people, the impact they could have would be exponential.

Good Done Well is a group of unbelievably skilled storytellers and strategists I’ve met through working on various projects. They have years of experience and a fierce passion for making the world a better place. Together, we work with nonprofits, brands, and individuals who are seeking a powerful, nontraditional solution to marketing, fundraising, and engaging around a purpose. For us, it isn’t enough to execute on campaign or implement a strategy, we are committed to creativity, innovation, and serving the people who serve. We see ourselves as advocates driven by your work and our values. We are dedicated to providing the resources you need so you can have the impact you’ve always dreamt of.

With Gratitude,

Ava Kelly - Founder

what we value:

CONNECTION - placing human relationship at center everything

COMMUNITY - accepting that our inherent interdependence never diminishes us, but if leaned into, makes us stronger

DEPTH - recognizing and exploring complexity, profundity, and intensity

JOY - embracing the lightness of being

LOVE - acknowledging the worth and value of each other beyond practicality

GENEROSITY - living with open hands instead of tightly closed fists

GRIT - applying skill and passion to overcome setbacks and frustrations

ADVENTURE - seeking out and delighting in new experiences, places, and people

CONSTANCY - showing up today, showing up tomorrow, showing up next week, showing up in six months, showing up in five years