love is all around

We're launching our first project: Love is All Around. Here's how it works: if your organization or an organization you know could use a little extra help, fill out the form below. Let us know what you need us for and when we can come. We're up for ANYTHING- throwing fundraisers, cleaning toilets, raking leaves, building Instagram accounts, managing volunteers- you name it, we'll take it on. We'll also go ANYWHERE- Honduras, Arkansas, Bangalore- we'll get ourselves there if you can find us a place to sleep.

We'll go through the applications, start a conversation with you and your team, make sure we're the right fit for each other, and then schedule all of our tour stops. When it's your turn, we'll spend two weeks helping you with whatever it is you need help with. It's that simple. 

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The Good Done Well team has collective international experience speaking on topics ranging from storytelling and branded content to brand building and nontraditional development. We work with experts in public speaking to bring talks that are challenging, inspiring, and relatable for conferences, panels, and events. Don’t expect an intuitive, manufactured talk about the virtues of doing good – our team is passionate about speaking on innovative concepts, engaging first-person perspectives, and thinking beyond the limited expectations of our society.


We want to make our services available to as many people as possible, so our social good addicts have taken their expertise and generated engaging workshops that are designed to be directly applicable to social good organizations regardless of focus. The primary goal of these workshops is to expose fellow do-gooders to the Good Done Well tribe and learn more about their unique objectives, successes, and needs. We love serving all of our connections in whatever way we can. Upcoming workshops include : Defining Your Story; Digital Storytelling; Taking the “F” Out of Fundraising; and Amazing Volunteers : How to have them and what to do with them.


love is all around

Launched in October 2016, Love is All Around is an opportunity for us to serve leaders and organizations who need a little extra love. We've been to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, up next is Uganda. Applications are sill open! More details above. Have some questions? Email