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I am in the third year of growing my nonprofit, and I am regularly meeting with mentors and consultants. Ava initially consulted with me for just one week, and during this short time, she was able to quickly grasp what we do, and present some of the best and most realistic solutions to fill our holes and gaps as an organization. She made everything more cohesive and left us with a plan. Her words have stuck with my team, because they love to quote her advice during our meetings. She is one of the most fun, innovative, strategic, and creative people I have probably ever met. I could go on and on. Trust me, you want her on your team.

Susanna Spiccia - Founder and Executive Director of re:imagine/ATL

storytelling + influence

Who are you? Why do you exist? What makes you unique from everything else? Most mission-driven organizations are busy - working on programming, budgets, operations... everything but the core of who they are. Let Good Done Well help you figure out who you are and craft your story with a compelling narrative that will drive every other aspect of your organization. 

Your unique perspective is a powerful marketing tool. It makes you an influencer - a term much coveted in the world of digital marketing. We'll use your story to develop original thought leadership content that will help you stand out to donors, potential clients, and the public. In addition to your own influence, we can partner your organization with complementary digital influencers (YouTubers, Instagramers, Snappers, bloggers, etc.) to create online awareness, fundraising, and advocacy campaigns.



Once we've crafted your story, the next step is using it to bring in funding. Let us help you create and implement innovative fundraising campaigns and financial models that will grow a sustainable income, so you can lose the stress and start to dream about your future.



The more incredible your work, the more people you have knocking on your door volunteering to work with you. Volunteers, interns, and supporters can be incredibly valuable to your organization OR they can be a huge drain on your energy and resources. We’ll help you create and implement strategies to engage all of your passionate followers in long term relationships that will increase the strength and capacity of your organization.


There is no point trying to do good alone, especially when there are so many of us working towards the same goals. We work with companies and organizations looking for an ally in their space to find the perfect match. We’re not talking about co-branding – partnerships are meaningful, integrated relationships, and one of the most overlooked strategies in the social good industry. We’ll ensure that yours is mutually beneficial and creates measurable positive impact.


Everyone loves getting paid, and we’re no exception, but the time isn’t always right for organizations to work with us and we don’t want that to exempt you from being a part of our tribe. If you’re about what we’re about, we want to serve you in whatever way we can – whether that’s helping you build relationships with like-minded people, finding the perfect legal team, or just venting about an arrant board member – we want our connections to know that they’re more than that, they’re in a relationship with us.

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